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A 1958 commercial for the range of "Brownie" home movie cameras by Kodak. This is a complete commercial break!
Topics: Classic TV Commercial, 1958, Kodak, Advertising, Advertisement
Classic TV Commercials uploaded by HappySwordsman
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Oh damn, a cigarette commercial. This one aired during the mid-1960s (either 1964 or 1965...). Yes, it is one of those "I'd rather fight than switch" commercials. Ugh.
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Topics: Classic TV Commercial, 1960s, Tareyton, Cigarette, Cigarettes, Tobacco, Advertising, Advertisement
Picfixer Movie Trailer Collection
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"So terrible it's great" "Funny as Hell" "Brilliant Surreal escape" "Garbage rape fantasy" "Unbelievable!" (IMBD reviews quotes). Satirical sex farce with an all-star cast. Adapted from Terry Southern's controversial erotic best-seller. Very much a movie of its time. Released in 1968. IMDB rating 5.4, MPAA R.
Topics: Movie trailers, sex farce, satires, exploitation, Ewa Aulin, Marlin Brando, Richard Burton, James...
Picfixer Movie Trailer Collection
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Dubbed spaghetti sci fi/horror starring Barry Sullivan that may have set the record for the most also-knows-as English language titles. Ignore the bad dialog and absurd plot and concentrate on Mario Brava's atmospheric visuals. Released in 1965. Its US television broadcast trailer also is in this collection under title "The demon Planet." Also Known As: "Terrore nello spazio" (original title) "Planet of Blood Space" "Planet of Blood" "Mutants Terror...
Topics: movie trailers, sci fi, horror, vampires, Barry Sullivan, Norma Bengell, Angel Aranda